Contour Cut

Two separate files are required for contour cut graphics. One file containing artwork, the other containing cut mask file. Cut file must be completely vector and in PDF format. Both artwork and mask files must be uploaded at the same time to be processed. Cut mask les that are made using raster based programs will not be accepted.
Guidelines to follow when creating artwork and cut file:

Artwork must have 1″ bleed on all sides and a .5″ safety margin for the contour cut. To ensure over cut will not occur, please keep everything you do want cut inside of the .5″ safety margin.

Your document size must be 2″ away from all contour cut lines.

Cut mask line must be a vector path (line that has a 1pt black stroke with no fill.)

Please avoid using small or thin contour cut areas. Allow at least .5″ for separation between cut lines. New York Banners will not reprint any order with perimeter cut lines that are too close to one another.

Smooth contour cut lines are preferred. Any contour cut lines with ragged edges will show up on print. All contour cut lines must be fully enclosed paths, open lines will not cut.

Try to keep sharp angles to a minimum to avoid unwanted cuts. New York Banners will not reprint any order that is improperly setup.

When submitting both artwork and cut mask les, make sure both les are isolated from each other.

Tolerance for the perimeter cut line is .5″.

It is recommended that you keep your perimeter cut line slightly inside the border of the image you are cutting. Here is an example of how to trace an image. The RED color of the contour cut line is for demonstration only. Your cut line should be a black 1 point stroke.

Here is the image we are going to trace. We will trace around the design, making sure to leave enough room between perimeter cut lines.

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