8×8 Banner Stand

Give Your Business a Boost with a Trendy 8×8 Banner Stand

Remember that logo-filled backdrop thing you see in red carpet pictures of celebrities and industry big-shots? It’s called a step and repeat banner and is one of the most effective marketing tools available today. An inexpensive way of creating brand awareness, it allows you to get your company name and logo featured in images that get used on a wide variety of platforms, including newspapers, magazines, websites and social media.

Step and Repeat Backdrops Add a Hip Factor to Any Display

While step and repeat banners originated from red carpet events, their usage has expanded to a variety of forums. Today, they can be seen at trade shows, grand openings, conventions, demo days and even birthday parties and weddings. Having them at a promotional display in a trade event gives your brand an edge and makes a huge impact on the amount of foot traffic you receive. With an attractive design featuring graphics in vibrant colors, you can make your 8 x 8 step and repeat banner worthy of instagram selfies and draw casual onlookers to your booth to gain visibility and boost sales.

Huge Rewards with Moderate Investment

Investing in a pop up 8×8 banner stand and fabric step and repeat insert to go along with it can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. Apart from their immense potential for creating publicity for your brand, they offer you another unique advantage. You get the opportunity to take pictures of yourself with prominent names in business and entertainment sector in front of a background featuring your company’s branding. Needless to say, these pictures will be an invaluable asset for your business and will aid you in promoting your company’s reputation for several years.

Reuse Your Backdrop as Many Times You Want

As long as you choose the right printing partner, the same step and repeat backdrop can serve you in numerous promotional events and give you an excellent return on investment with very little maintenance. We, at New York Banners, provide digitally printed 720×720 high-res banners made of wrinkle-free 9 oz polyester material. Also, the efficient dye sublimation process used for creating them ensures that they are scratch resistant and washable.

Convenience That You Desire

Our 8×8 Banner Stands composed of telescoping poles are super-easy to assemble and allow for adjustment up to certain sizes. They can also be conveniently stored and come with a handly travel bag for easy transportation. This is especially useful when you have to attend many events in a month. New York Banners is also reputed for its quick turnaround times, with same day and next day printing available for those in a rush. Our commitment towards quality and timely delivery of banners is why we are the top banner printing company in NYC.

We also provide excellent customer support. If you need any assistance in designing your 8×8 step and repeat banner or have any questions regarding the printing process, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of seasoned specialists are happy to help you achieve your desired results.