Outdoor Banner Stands

Outdoor Banner Stands for Effective Promotional Campaigns

One of the most effective time-tested ways of visual advertising is outdoor banner stands. They are cheap and powerful ways of attracting attention from passersby. Most people find it easier to make connections with a brand through seeing ads, rather than word-of-mouth referrals. Apart from business branding, these adjustable banner stands could be perfect for triggering impulse-buying behavior of customers, driving sales targets.

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We, at New York Banners, can provide you sturdy and durable banner stands staples for all your business needs. We cater to all business sizes and industries in New York and surrounding areas. Avail our free door-to-door shipping services and easy online ordering facility. Our experts are available 24/7 to take care of any emergency needs that your business might have. We offer banner stands for variety of needs; take a look.

Tension Fabric Banner Stands

If you are a regular at trade shows and events, chances are that you have mostly seen the vinyl banner stands. Although, they are classic choices for advertising, many brands are increasingly opting for the fabric banners, on account of their versatility.  They steal the show, with high aesthetics and wrinkle-free look. Also unlike traditional vinyl stands, the fabric banner stands are not as heavy or temperamental, making transportation easier. Apart from trade shows, these stands can even be used across malls, storefronts and airports, on account of their durability. The tension fabric materials are easy to clean and pack and can be used over long periods of time. We offer both single and double tension fabric banner stands at the same price. Take a look at the various styles and options and choose the best one.

Step and Repeat Backdrop

You must have seen professional athletes hold press conferences, the banner behind them with multiple company logos are step and repeat banners. Also known as red carpet backdrops, these banners contain repeated logos of companies sponsoring for marketing campaigns. Hence, they are often used to drive credibility of a brand in big events. They are also used in charity events, industry conventions, weddings and graduation ceremonies. Along with easy storage and glare free prints, they offer a certain degree of elegance to promotional activities. New York Banners provides curl-free banner inserts in its banner-display stands. Get our portable back-drop large tube for spectacular background displays in trade show booths and photoshoots.


Also known as spider banners, X-frame banners are best used for indoor advertising. Made of aluminum and fiber-glass, these adjustable banner stands are ultra- lightweight solutions for retail business advertising and other short-term promotions.  The X-frame helps to create a flat graphic display, and the print is interchangeable if needed.  They can withstand wear-and-tear for long duration, making them worthwhile investments. Whether you are looking for indoor standalone advertising or something for a large gathering, New York Banners provides various kinds of banner stands at affordable prices to small and large businesses in NYC and surrounding areas. We are experts in same day processing. Simply upload your artwork online, along with the selected options by 12 pm EST and we will take care of the rest.