Outdoor Banners

Custom Mesh and Vinyl Banners for Outdoor Marketing Events

Whether you’re at a small indoor trade show or large outside event, you can always spot banners and other similar display signage. A highly convenient advertising product with numerous benefits, banners have only grown in popularity with time. The ease of storage and set-up, cost-effectiveness and portability they offer is unmatched. However, in case you’re participating in a large outdoor event, there are a few things you should consider before getting your custom banners.

Outdoor Banner Options

Outdoor trade events generally have a larger gathering of people as compared to their indoor counterparts, offering you better marketing, research and networking opportunities via increased footfall towards your display booth. However, this also means that your display materials are exposed to natural delements, such as wind, sun and rain. This can be an important factor when you’re choosing your banner material. When it comes to outdoor banners, blockout vinyl and mesh are the two most popular choices.

Blockout Vinyl for Outdoor Banners

Blockout Vinyl is a tough, heavy-duty material that completely blocks out the sunlight and offers strong resistance even in extremely bad weather. Vinyl is a highly versatile material that allows printing of all kinds of intricate designs and fonts. New York Banners offers blockout outdoor vinyl banners in 16oz. and 18oz. options. All of our custom outdoor banners are waterproof and UV safe. We also provide sturdy, long-lasting outdoor banner stands in a variety of styles, such as retractable, X-frame, step and repeat etc.

Mesh for Outdoor Banners

Mesh banners are made of a perforated material which allows wind to pass through instead of resisting it, thereby preventing the banner from toppling over. These banners are a much better alternative to banners with wind slits since they allow you to print graphics on the entire area. Also, banners with wind slits are susceptible to getting torn in the face of high wind. We, at New York Banners print large mesh banners on a 10 oz heavy-duty material with 30% perforations. They are ideal for use on fences at construction sites and sports fields, community gatherings and outdoor trade events.

New York Banners – The NYC Outdoor Banner Printing Specialist

New York Banners is a highly experienced and reputed player in banner printing. Our banners are printed digitally in high resolution using the latest printing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. We also provide a convenient way of placing orders for your printing needs. Just upload the artwork you have created on our website and select your outdoor banner and stand options. Our team of printing specialists will take over from there.

With New York Banners as your printing partner, you get the best turnaround times, including same day delivery service if you place the order before 12pm EST. We also offer the best customer support to ensure that you get a display banner that is exactly per your requiriments. In case you have any questions regarding the printing process or need any design ideas, contact us right away. We’ll be happy to assist you all through the process.