EZ Tube 10ft Curved Display


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Sleek and “EZ”, our tension fabric systems are a great alternative to standard backwall displays. Quickly assembled in just 5 minutes, slide the tubes together to make the frame and lock in place with a push button snap. Then, simply pull the pillowcase-like graphic over the frame and zip it shut. The zipper, hidden from view, tightens the stretch fabric beautifully displaying your image. Disassembled, this lightweight frame and graphic fits inside its included bag.

• Display Size: 120″W x 89″H x 22″D
• Template Size:Front side: 124″W x 91″H
• Shipping Size: 53”L x 13”W x 8”H
• Material: Stretch Fabric, Dye-Sublimation
• Weight: 32 lbs

Graphic Package Includes:
• (1) 10 ft. Aluminum
• (1) EZ Tube Travel Bag
• (1) Single-Sided Graphic Print

Graphic Only Includes:
• (1) Double-Sided Graphic For 10 ft. Curved EZ Tube Display

Hardware Package Includes:
• (1) 10 ft. Aluminum Frame
• (1) EZ Tube Travel Bag

Downlaod: Template & Instructions