Front Lit Borderless




This Front Lit Stainless Steel letter comes standard with a white acrylic face and Stainless Steel return.

Color can be customized on any Stainless Steel surface. This is a sturdy front lit option if you are looking for something simple and sleek.

  • Ready-to-install: Wiring diagrams and installation pattern are included (Installation accessories excluded)
  • Certified: UL Listed with Sign Section Labels for Outdoor Installation
  • 5 Year Warranty




  • Face – Faces are the front surface of Front Lit stainless steel letters
  • Return – Returns are the sides of the Front Lit letter.
  • Back – Backs are the back board of the Front Lit stainless steel letter.
  • LED Lights: Specification : Mynice High Efficiency, 160° Beam, IP67, 10000K – 12000K, 0.7W & 1.2W LED Module (5 Year Warranty)
  • Power Transformer: Specification : Mean Well HLG-80H-12 100-277V/ 5A 60W, Class 2, Constant Voltage, Constant Current, IP67, Power Supplies (5 Year Warranty)
    Westrim Transformer Boxes (4″x5″x14″ for 1 transformer and 4″x9″x14″ for 2 transformers)