Standard Channel Letter




Channel Letters are 3 Dimensional Sign Elements. They are typically displayed on the facade of a building or monument sign. Channel letters are lit with LED modules which have effective light output and require very little electricity. Displaying channel letters is an intelligent way to showcase your brand in front of your customers.

  • Ready-to-install: Wiring diagrams and installation pattern are included (Installation accessories excluded)
  • Certified: UL Listed with Sign Section Labels for Outdoor Installation
  • 5 Year Warranty

Buying Options

Front Lit

Front and Back Lit

Channel Letter Front & Back Lit is fabricated with a Clear Lexan Backboard that allows the light to illuminate the front and the back of your channel letter giving it a more Lively appearance.


  • Trim Cap –Trim Caps are plastic molding that surrounds the acrylic face of your channel letter.
  • Return – Returns are the sides bordering the channel letter.
  • Face – Acrylic Faces is a slightly transparent plastic on the front face of your channel letter.
  • Vinyl – If the color desired is unavailable from out acrylic faces, translucent colored vinyl films can be applied to the face of channel letters.
  • Standard Front Lit
  • Standard Front/Back Lit
  • LED Lights
  • Power Transformer

Material Options