Telescopic Banner Stand

Telescopic Banner Stands: Ease and Convenience for Your Trade Show Displays

For small and upcoming businesses, trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to market new products, create brand awareness and boost sales. However, with rising competition for the limited attention span of prospective customers, brands need to be savvy in their marketing strategies and employ effective and cost-efficient advertising tools. This is where a telescopic banner stand comes in very handy. Offering a stunning range of benefits, telescopic banners displays can be just as effective as expensive TV monitors if not more.

Telescopic Banner Displays are Eye-catching

Using a TV monitor at a trade show display certainly offers you the opportunity to provide thorough and detailed information about your brand. However, everyone has a TV set at their home and get to watch a number of commercials on a daily basis. Most people are in fact accustomed to ignoring TV Ads. On the other hand, an expertly designed banner attached to an elegant telescopic banner stand is a visually attractive commodity that can make your trade show booth stand out from the rest. Plus, it takes up very little of your costly booth space.

Banners Offer Unmatched Convenience

Nothing comes close to telescopic banner displays in terms of the convenience they offer. This is due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, being composed of telescoping poles, they are super-easy to set up. A single person from your regular advertising staff can assemble them in under a minute. Next, they are lightweight and compact (especially when disassembled) which means that you can store and transport them without any hassles and have to face no problems when you’re attending multiple back-to-back events. Lastly and most importantly, they don’t require any external support to work their magic. In case, your sales representative goes away for bathroom or lunch break, they keep on working. In case, there is a power outage, they keep on working. Telescopic banners keep advertising your brand no matter what!

Banner Stands are Inexpensive

In case you opt for a TV or newspaper Ad to market your brand, how much would you have to spend? A whole lot for temporary advertising benefits – and there is no guarantee for success. Banner stands on the other hand are highly affordable and can be used multiple times, thereby offering a great return on investment. In fact, a telescopic banner display from the right vendor can last for years with minimal maintenance. You get to advertise your products at hundreds of events with a moderate one-time investment. We, at New York Banners have several years of experience in banner printing, with a team of seasoned design and printing expert’s committed towards excellence. Banners are digitally printed in excellent 720×720 resolutions on high quality material using the latest in printing technology.

Why We Stand Apart From Our Competition

New York Banners is a highly reputed name in the banner printing business and for a good reason. The services we provide are unmatched. We offer top quality banner and stand materials, super-fast turnaround times including same day banner printing facility, online order placement with shipping all over the country and excellent customer support from the beginning to the end. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. We are happy to be of assistance to you.