Features and Advantages of Pop Up Fabric Display

Pop Up Fabric Display Banner Stands are fast becoming a go-to element in event planning. They are relatively easy to set up, and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Before ordering a pop up fabric display  banner stands for your company or your event, consider some of their features and advantages.

1. Visual Impact. The most notable feature of pop up fabric displays, and why they have become so popular, is their sheer impact.

Much more attractive than vinyl, the fabric displays are easy on the eye and allow your graphic design and logo to shine. What’s more,

pop up fabric displays can showcase imagery that would not look as good on vinyl.

2. They literally Pop Up. Pop up fabric displays include a lightweight suspension frame and the premade printed fabric. Transporting the pop up fabric display is easy because they fold down easily and weigh little. Setting up the pop up fabric displays is also easy because the frame expands while attached to the frame. Dismantling the assembly is just as fast and easy. If you have an event manned by only

one person, pop up fabric displays provide an optimal solution.

3. Some fabric displays “hop up.” One of the advantages of using a pop up fabric display is that no two look alike. There are pop-up versions, and hop-up versions. Some are rectangular, while others are triangular. All pop up fabric displays are custom designed, allowing the company to showcase its uniqueness.

4. Backlighting. Popup fabric displays are super for indoor events because they can be set up with a backlight. The backlight changes the look of the visuals, adding dramatic effects. Likewise, their backlighting makes pop up fabric displays perfect for outdoor events.

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