Important Phase of Banner Design?

Design is what makes the difference between good and bad advertising, it really is make or break, and it is becoming more important every day as businesses compete for ‘eye time’.Online you can have movement to catch the eye, but the basics of advertising and the buying process are the same now as always

This article will cover the first element, ATTENTION

Unless you get someone’s attention they are not going to get your message. C’mon guys, how many times have we sat at home doing something like watching TV, or reading a paper, when someone tries to talk to us?. We nod our head, we make the right noises, and at the end of it all think “what was that she/he said?”. Had the person trying to get our attention turned off the TV, or took the newspaper away, then instantly they would have our attention, and we would be listening.

But how to get attention?Man is an animal, and it is in the mindset of all animals to instantly evaluate if something is prey or predator, and the way to this is through movement. On a webpage it is simple, just use animation of some kind, but on a static advertising medium such as billboards and banners it is not so easy.That said, some bunting flags below your banner will move in the wind and possibly catch the eye.

As animals man is a social creature, and as such we are drawn towards other humans. This is why an image or photograph of a person is good for attention grabbing.BOLD HEADLINES is another way. Bright colors another. The thing is before you can sell to anyone, you

must get their attention.Your banner design is crucial to the success of your overall advert, and unless you get their interest, you will not sell to them.

At Discount banner printing, we offer a free design service, and we know how to design banners, what makes people look, and how to get that all important ‘eye time’.Our next article will cover getting the interest of the reader.

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