Six Tips to Stretch Your Exhibit Budget

We know exhibiting can be an expensive proposition. Here are six quick tips to help you get more bang from your exhibit budget.


Booth rental can make a lot of sense, especially if you’re new to exhibiting or not sure what your long-term plan is. And if you rent from a local company, you’ll save significantly on shipping and storage.


New York Banners are experts in trade show exhibit repair.

Rather than replace an entire exhibit that’s showing a little wear and tear or needs updating, consider refurbishing it instead. Replacing a few outdated graphics or some worn fabric is much cheaper than a brand new exhibit.


Try and make as few shipments as possible; each shipment costs you extra money. If you have to ship another pallet, make sure it’s shrink wrapped to count as a single unit.


Consider making your giveaways “evergreen” by not making them tied to a specific date or location. That way you can use them at your next events as well. You’ll be able to order in bulk rather than expensive short-run orders, and you’ll have far less wastage.


A printed banner doesn’t have to include all your details, special offers, or the date & location. Keep your banners simple so you can use them at multiple events. Your booth staff will be able to share all the info your customers need in floor conversations.


Find an allied local business that you can share space with. This can be a great solution if your businesses have real synergy. You can even share marketing leads and cross-pollinate so you both do better.

Exhibiting can seem expensive, but it’s worth it. At New York Banners we can help get the most from any exhibit budget. Contact us today at 1-800-516-7606  to get started.


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